How to use Instagram for Small Business

How to use Instagram for Small Business

If you have ever wondered if it’s a good idea to start an Instagram account for your business this article will help you make the decision. Instagram usage among marketers and brands has been constantly on the rise. According to eMarketer about 50% of brands are already using Instagram to promote their products, services, values, and more.

With more than 500 million monthly active users it’s almost guaranteed that your customers are using Instagram no matter how unique your niche is. With the location tagging feature built into every instagram post it makes it very easy to target potential customers based on their location or proximity to your business. With so many people posting in locations around your business you can use that information to put marketing messages in front of those potential customers.

How to use Instagram for your business

If you have never used Instagram before it may seem like a daunting task to start and maintain an account for your business. But if you can dedicate a little time every week to Instagram you should be able to have success with it. The real reason you want to set up an Instagram account is to showcase your business and try to convince people to buy things from you, and there are many ways to do this.

Instagram is one of the best visual social media platforms out there, it was designed solely to display photos and it’s good at it. Whatever your business does, prepare to take photos of it. Whether you are a restaurant or bike shop, you will want to post photos of stuff that is relevant to your business. So post a nice photo of the your popular fried sushi dish or a new bike rim style, then people who are interested in those things can view it and hopefully engage with it. An engagement means a like or comment on your post. It means that  the person who engaged with the photo is interested in it, and possibly your business too. You can post about anything, not just the products you sell. Post about community events your business is involved in, a featured employee of the week and why they love working at your shop, or anything you think will appeal to your audience. The key is to get started and learn what works best as you go.

Instagram business tools

Last year Instagram released their business tools that allow you to track, and promote content specifically for business accounts. One of the most important features to understand are the “Insights” which give you detailed information about your followers. Which is invaluable data because when you know more about your audience you can tailor your content to better fit their interests and build more loyalty with followers. Another useful feature for local businesses is the contact buttons that are placed right at the top of your Instagram profile. When users are on the mobile app and come across your profile they can easily click the contact button to email or call your business instantly with one click. With the right content strategy Instagram could be encouraging potential customers to your visit your physical location, to call your phone number, or to your email you.

Engaging with Instagram users

Engaging with Instagram users is very important because it is how you retain and gain followers. You must respond to people who comment on your photos to build rapport with them. As people get to know your page better they will have more loyalty to your brand. Try to focus on authentic and personalized responses when responding to and messaging people on Instagram. For example instead of just responding to a comment and saying “thanks”

As your audience grows you will be able to use the built in Instagram tools to test and measure your efforts. Like the “Insights” feature which will allow you to learn more about your audience demographics and optimize your posts. If you are just starting out and want to boost your profile I like to recommend using Vibbi to get you off the ground and boost your account.

To have success with Instagram long term the key is consistency. Find a routine that works for you, get into a consistent posting schedule. A regular schedule will keep your audience engaged with your content over time. Make sure to respond to all the comments on your photos and leave thoughtful comments on other people’s posts. Most importantly have fun with it and document exciting events throughout the history of your business. It’s like a photo blog that you can always look back on or share with friends and family.

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