Don’t Let Changes to Instagram Kill your Brand’s Following

Don’t Let Changes to Instagram Kill your Brand’s Following

Judging by the number of people posting on Instagram asking followers to “turn on post notification” something is going on. If you don’t know about how the new Instagram updates are affecting you and your brand accounts, keep reading.


The BIG news

Previously, the content on Instagram was displayed based on a timeline of when it was posted. When you looked at the home feed, it displayed the photos from everyone you follow starting with most recently posted content at the top.

With the update, content on the home feed will be ordered more like Facebook. You will see the posts first that Instagram determines are most relevant to you.

On their website Instagram says, “your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” Reading this, we can assume that the more you like and comment on a specific person’s photos the more their content will appear in your home feed.

So, if you are a brand, and a low percentage of your followers like or comment on your posts, it is likely that your content is going to be reordered and pushed further down the feed.


Posting during peak hours may be obsolete

If you know much about Instagram you know that it used to help to post during certain peak hours, when most people are on Instagram consuming content but not posting (like thursday nights for the US).

But, now that the order of your feed will be based on your actions, If your favorite musician shares a video from last night’s concert, it will be waiting for you when you wake up, no matter how many accounts you follow or what time zone you live in. And when your best friend posts a photo of her new puppy, you won’t miss it.”

For advertisers, when your brand posts a picture of a new product you want to sell, and one of your followers logs in a few minutes after the photo is posted, they will have to scroll down past the video of their favorite musician and the 8 photos of her best friend’s new puppy before seeing your post. That is if your account ranks higher than her mom’s latests pics of the garden, her boyfriend’s new tattoo, and all 112 of her sorority sisters photos from last weekend.

Good bye peak hours posting strategy.


Two Instagram ad strategies that work

The first and sure fire way to build more engagement around your brand on Instagram is to spend time interacting with your fans.

I don’t mean by responding to their comments on your photos with @susank92 thanks! You need to go to their profile and like or comment on their photos that are relevant to what your company does.

People want to get attention from brands they love, and they rarely ever get it.

This can also be a good way to get some free original content you can repost.  If you find any photos that include your products, just ask if you can repost it and tag them. Bam! You just created an advocate for life.

Working with influencers is one of the best ways to spread the word about whatever you do, especially Micro Influencers.

Micro Influencers are a powerful word of mouth tool to build conversations around your brand!

Because of their highly engaged friends and family audiences the order of the content doesn’t matter, their content is always at the top of their friends and family’s home feed. To activate Micro Influencers at scale or get more information take a look at services like Gnack.


Instagram is Still a Viable Ad Space

Ultimately, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to be on. The ability to  build communities and interact with fans is unparalleled.

If you create visually appealing content with thoughtful and original captions, your fans will still love you and continue to engage with your posts.

Offer Instagram exclusive deals and info to keep followers wanting more, and maybe do a giveaway once in awhile. People love free stuff.

Remember, the only constant is change. These social media platforms will always be evolving and changing. Brands need to innovate to stay relevant with their fans.

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