Snapchat Now Has More Daily Users Than Twitter

Snapchat Now Has More Daily Users Than Twitter

It’s no secret that Snapchat grew exponentially this past year. But did you know, in this past month, they have surpassed Twitter’s assumed daily users?  

That’s right! According to Bloomberg Snapchat now has more daily users than Twitter.

So, how is Snapchat beating Twitter in daily views?

Snapchat gains an advantage from its creation of urgency. Because stories only last 24 hours, users are compelled to check the app daily.

As they continue to add new features and new likable ways to use the app (like the funny face filters), Snapchat is creating an environment that is appealing to their growing demographic.

Whether these updates are a byproduct of being a young company, or a well executed plan, Snapchat has consistently engaged their audience with innovative updates to their application.

As Snapchat continues to get closer to Twitter’s total users, we should begin to see a change in overall popularity among these two apps.

This is big news! There has not been a shift this notable in major Social Media platforms since Facebook gained the attention of MySpace users.

Now that a large (and growing) portion of young social users have a presence on Snapchat, combined with Twitter’s ugly earnings, the blue bird might be in trouble. With the rise of interest in new social media apps like and blab, the market is growing more saturated everyday and Twitter could struggle to keep up.

Now that Snapchat stands out of the crowd, it is a major competitor to not only Twitter but all social media platforms. Will Twitter try to change their platform to better compete with Snapchat? Or, will we see a decline in interest among Twitter users. Either way Snapchat is proving it is innovative enough to continue to grow and remain a fun and attractive platform for its users.

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