Getting Your Brand Started With Snapchat

Getting Your Brand Started With Snapchat

Do I need to get on Snapchat?   Yes.

With 150 million daily active users and over 10 billion daily video views, it’s hard to believe Snapchat is still growing. But, it is. One of the areas of growth is users over 25. According to Snapchat’s Nick Bell two-thirds of their audience is over 18, with 50 percent of new daily users over the age of 25. Told you so.

If your brand isn’t on Snapchat yet, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the best tools available for marketers to engage in a face-to-face style communication with all your brand fans.


Create a Snapchat account

Yeah, it’s that easy. But, we’re not done.


Snapchat is all about keeping it real

When you start planning your Snapchat content, remember this very important fact. Snapchat gained popularity because of it’s authentic communication style.

It’s in the moment, and it’s real.

People aren’t posting photoshopped photos of themselves or using tons of heavy photo filters.

The content is easier to create because there is no need for time consuming post-production and editing. This lowers the entry barrier on the channel for brands looking to launch a Snapchat.


Will I need to create content every day?

No. If you are looking to ease into it, and test the waters, there is no need to try and create content every day.

Figure out how much time you can allocate to Snapchat and use it wisely. If that’s only a few hours per week, then only plan to post two or three times a week.


Build a community

Snapchat is the best social platform for brands to be on in 2016, because you are able to build a very engaged community very quickly.

Build a community around your brand message and continue to add value to your community by posting content that is relevant to the brand and valuable to your fans.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 50 opens or 5,000. You can engage with people who like your brand in a face-to-face format.


Be authentic

Remember, people want to laugh, learn, and see behind the scenes.

If you are struggling to figure out what to post you can always fall back on some sort of behind the scenes look. Whether that is in the shop showing how a product is created, or cruising around the office getting cheeky snaps of the team, people that love your brand will feel special if they can be a part of an exclusive look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

If you are just getting started, follow these great brand channels on Snapchat for more inspiration: Glossier, GnackSnap, and Vayner Media.


Starting from zero

To get started you should promote your Snapchat account on all other social media accounts. Post the Snapchat QR code on Instagram so followers from Instagram will be able easily add you.


Engage with your community

Make sure to engage with everyone. Respond to their snaps and questions every time they send them.

Every snap is an opportunity to build loyalty with a customer.  Don’t miss out!

Play games and host creative contests that support the value proposition of your brand and encourage follows to engage with your Snapchat channel.

Be real and have fun. Cultivate the right community and, as your numbers grow, you will have a powerful brand asset.


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