Instagram – Embrace It

Instagram – Embrace It

While early adoption of innovative marketing techniques, such as using Snapchat, is crucial to marketing success, it is equally, if not more important, to capitalize on the marketing channels that are yielding results NOW.

Instagram, at six years old, is mature by most  social platform standards and is a marketing “must have”. With its diverse audience and its dependable ROI, Instagram has seen unparalleled brand adoption.

For those of you looking to expand your social presence I offer you this, “Don’t forget to harvest the bounty of the ripe crop while planting seeds in untilled soil.” In other words, make sure that while you’re testing the water on Snapchat and other up and coming platforms, that you don’t forget to capitalize on Instagram’s current success.

The Who and Why of Instagram

Over  85% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram.

In one recent study, 879 brands were examined from a diverse pool of industries, and almost all of them were on Instagram.

With Instagram being all about photo’s, it’s no surprise that both fashion and beauty brands have some of the highest observed platform adoption.

One thing that is surprising though, is that the automotive industry had the highest level of Instagram adoption, at 100% of the brands observed using the platform.

According to eMarketer, Instagam’s mobile ad revenues are expected to almost double in 2017, meaning that brands are going to continue to allocate more and more of their budget towards the platform. Even more impressive is the fact that Instagram’s ad sales are becoming a greater percentage of Facebook ad sales year after year. This means brands are beginning to sacrifice Facebook ad spends for Instagram ads.

The different reasons why brands have taken to Instagram marketing vary, but the main reason is obvious, it works! Instagram says that after monitoring over 400 sponsored campaigns the average ad recall observed on their platform was almost three times (3X) greater than the Nielsen norms for other forms of online advertising.

What Makes Instagram Such an Outlier

There are a ton of different theories as to why Instagram marketing is so successful, but the most obvious reason is the native appearance of the advertisements.

Instagram’s advertising platform allows brands to plug ads directly into a user’s Instagram feed while appearing identical to all the posts their friends have shared. And, Instagram’s native ads are generally less noticeable than those on other sites because of the clean, no-frills UX of the platform. This means ad recall is higher for Instagram ads, and the ads are seen by more people.

Instagram also offers more than sponsored ads. Brands can create Instagram contests and do Instagram takeovers.

Another great Instagram advertising option is influencer marketing. The rise of influencer marketing on Instagram allows brands to take authenticity a step further than “native”, and become the actual topic of conversation.

Micro Influencers on Instagram  allow brands to advertise to their closest friends and family. By creating a presence in these micro communities, brands can expect to see engagement rates that are 3 to 5 times higher than other forms of advertising.

In summary, Instagram is a high yielding marketing opportunity that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In today’s volatile marketing environment, innovation is a must, but it is also important to fully exploit the tried and true. Considering the impressive stats surrounding Instagram, from ad recall to expected ad sales growth, the platform should be cherished and embraced. As brand adoption of Instagram continues to scale, make sure you and your brand aren’t the last to the platform.

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