Taking Your Brand’s Snapchat Strategy to the Next Level

Taking Your Brand’s Snapchat Strategy to the Next Level

In an article labeled, “How Top Brands Find Success with Snapchat,” I listed great examples of how big brands have made a splash on Snapchat, but how can the platform be incorporated as a part of your current social strategy?

One important thing to keep in mind is that Snapchat is not your traditional digital channel. Focusing on metrics like clicks and direct revenue from Snaps may be a bit ambitious, if not off point.

That’s not to say that Snapchat isn’t great for conversion. It is. In fact, I have seen conversions on calls to action as high as 15% on authentic Snapchat posts.

But, Snapchat is more about building a community to drive brand equity and depth with your audience. Snapchat is hands down the most effective channel to reach today’s social audience.  


Here are some ways you can build a Snapchat strategy for your brand or client.


Build a Snapchat community and post neutral content.

Are you having trouble getting your audience to hear you through all the noise on the web? The best way to cut through that noise is to create neutral content with value.

Everyone is trying to sell something on the internet, including information. Why not give it away?  If it’s good content, and it’s free (no strings attached, like CTA’s etc.), people will flock to it.

By building your community on Snapchat around valuable content, you will add depth to your audience and allow for higher trust, brand affinity, and conversion down the road. To see how people in the B2B community are using Snapchat to create great neutral content and build community add Justin Kan, Mark Suster, and Morgan Brown.  


Contests and Coupons

Whether you’re activating influencers to post a message to their audience, or distributing your campaign directly to your brand’s Snapchat (or both), these types of activations can work well for engaging a relevant Snapchat audience.

Hypothetical Example: Spirit Airlines wanted to give away 10 free flights to their targeted audience. Participants can enter to win by sending a Snapchat photo with their best Snapchat art of them “on vacation.”


New Product Releases and Event Promotion

Collaborate with influencers to release your new product, or bring them behind the scenes to experience your location based event. These types of activations are not as simple as just hiring influencers to post about it. Put your thinking cap on, and craft an awesome event or story they can be part of. They love the creative-collaborative stuff!


**Bonus: Implement an aggressive PR strategy leverage your earned reach to get even more.


Use Geo filters
With Snapchat’ new self-serve Geofilter purchasing platform, you can easily (and cheaply) place your creative message onto user generated content. Set up a Snapchat Geofilter around the location of your event, business, office, or any high traffic area. Anyone who passes through the area can see your creative “social signage”.

If you can activate people to use it in posts, that’s even better. Invite people and encourage them to actually use the filter. That’s word of mouth marketing working for you.

Example: Del Monte Fresh and Gnack hosted a world record breaking event where hundreds of people (dressed as bananas) were posting on Snapchat. 76% of them used a Snapchat Geofilter created specifically for the event. .


Efficient and effective

Snapchat is currently the most effective and efficient way to promote your brand or event. Presenting neutral content, using contests, collaborating with influencers, and creating Snapchat Geofilters are all effective ways to bring your brand out of the social shadows and into the light. It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think.

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Experienced sales and marketing professional, managing programs across the United States and Internationally. Chief Revenue Officer at Gnack. With a strong passion for programmatic ad technology and how to leverage it to maximize ROI.

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