How Top Brands Find Success with Snapchat

How Top Brands Find Success with Snapchat

In a blog titled Snapchat Video Traffic is Solid Gold to Advertisers we broke down why advertisers are flocking to the platform. Snapchat video traffic is at record highs and continuing to go up. It is a highly engaging platform. Every single Snapchat video view corresponds to a user engaging and seeing some or all of the respective video content. And, Snapchat is targeted to a very intentional audience.

Now, in this article, I break down how some top brands are using Snapchat effectively, and how you can incorporate Snapchat as a part of your existing strategy.


Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s is using Snapchat as an outlet for distributing neutral content to a targeted audience, but not as a paid channel. Unlike their “FlipSide” Facebook video ads, where the focus was to get click thrus to their homepage, Lowe’s Snapchat campaign is designed to distribute valuable content that will increase brand engagement. Lowe’s is hoping to capitalize on the strength of Snapchat as a word of mouth platform to generate excitement and reach new potential consumers who are increasingly spending time on visual-driven social media platforms.

“We have to be a lot more innovative and thoughtful about how and where to capture that millennial audience,” – Lowe’s Chief Marketing Officer Marci Grebstein


Del Monte Fresh Produce

Del Monte partnered with influencer platform Gnack to break the world record for most people dressed as bananas in one location. Snapchat influencers were invited to the event, and using a  Snapchat geofilter designed by Gnack, they created and promoted content throughout the activation. Their efforts generated 130k organic impressions. The buzz surrounding the creativity, authenticity, and zaniness of the Banana Bash earned media coverage in AdWeek, Business Insider, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.43.03 PM


Taco Bell

Taco Bell invited Snapchat personality Shonduras to do a takeover of their official Snapchat account as a part of the Super Bowl campaign. The Snapchat story was meant to tease the new mystery menu item (spoiler alert, it was the Quesalupa). The takeover resulted in 40,000 preorders. The campaign also demonstrated Taco Bell’s allegiance to their 250,000+ Snapchat followers. “Those are our most engaged fans, so we want to give them the news first,” says Ryan Rimsnider, Taco Bell’s head of social strategy. Good on you Ryan.

These brands are proving that building an audience on Snapchat and activating them with thoughtful, authentic, and creative content is a recipe for marketing success. The great thing is you don’t have to be a top brand to see similar results. Snapchat is a cost effective way to engage with your fans face to face. Doing this allows you to build deeper relationships with your followers. These relationships build loyalty, and that leads to more engagements and sales. At a time when consumer trust in advertising is falling, Snapchat is a welcome change for both brands and their fans.

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