Micro Influencers™ Have the Power

Micro Influencers™ Have the Power

The power of micro influencers is becoming more and more apparent. In a noisy marketing climate in which advertisers fear if consumers will see their ads, the ability to target hyper niche communities is increasingly important. Companies like the programmatic influencer marketing platform, Gnack, are putting this ability at the fingertips of every brand and agency seeking unparalleled engagement rates.


Micro influencers are social media users with an audience of around 10,000 followers or less. These are everyday people, who have primarily a friends and family audience. Their smaller social circle is exactly what gives them influence and marketing potential. Because of the personal relationship micro influencers have with their audience, their brand endorsements come across as authentic recommendations as opposed to “advertising”.

Statistics show that recommendations are the most trusted form of advertisement. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey, friends and family recommendations are trusted by consumers more than any other form of advertisement (83%). It’s important to note that the trust in these recommendations holds true across all generations and translates to engagement rates that are up to 25% higher. By employing micro influencers in your campaign, you will be increasing marketing effectiveness through better audience targeting and activation. The targeting is so accurate, and the engagements are so viral, that brands are earning life-long brand advocates with increased and sustainable brand affinity.


Social platforms like Instagram are making it easier for the micro influencer to reach their audience. Recent changes to the Instagram feed algorithm have the marketing world in a frenzy. However, a close reading of Instagram’s blog reveals that the new changes will only raise the value of micro influencers. Instagram says the changes were necessary, because their users were missing on average 70% of their feed. The new algorithm will present photos and videos in an order “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post”.  Because of the close proximity of micro influencers to their audience and the organic engagement they receive, their user generated content will be prioritized to the top of the feed and thus your marketing efforts will cut through the noise and become increasingly more visible.  In other words, Instagram is rolling out the red carpet for micro-influencers. The question is, will they be wearing your brand?

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