How Programmatic is Changing the Game for Influencer Marketing

How Programmatic is Changing the Game for Influencer Marketing


Imagine you have been asked by your company to create a banner ad campaign on a website that your target demographic visits frequently, but you are unfamiliar with. You have been given no contact information for the site. You must track down the site admin and figure out the best way to contact them. Do you Tweet them, IM them, or…gasp!…email them? If you pick the right channel, and they happen to reply, you then have to agree on what the creative content of the ad, where it will be placed on the page, when it will start, how long it will stay, how much it will cost, and on…and on…and on.


Those of you that are currently using programmatic platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook’s Ad Platform, where you can set up and launch an ad campaign in minutes, are terrified by the thought of returning to the old way of manually planning digital ad campaigns.  


That “manual” process of tracking down, contacting, pitching, and negotiating with people you don’t know on platforms you are unfamiliar with is how influencer marketing campaigns are being done today. As the influencer marketing industry goes even more mainstream in 2016 we will continue to see those campaigns scale up and include hundreds or even thousands of influencers per campaign. Some ad agencies have already onboarded dozens of people into their influencer marketing divisions just to keep up with the demand.


Saving Time

In the same way that programmatic technology helped digital ad buying, similar technological solutions are now being applied to the influencer marketing space. Programmatic media buying technology will allow advertisers to save time on the manual tasks associated with planning influencer campaigns saving over 200 hours per campaign.


Better Campaigns

When using programmatic influencer technologies, like Gnack, advertisers won’t have to concern themselves with finding and hiring influencers, or any of the myriad tasks associated with manual campaigns. This will leave them with more time to focus on solid creative planning. Great creative makes great campaigns.

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