Getting the Most From Your Snapchat Ad

Getting the Most From Your Snapchat Ad

Getting the Most From Your Snapchat Ad

The time for brands to capitalize on the arbitrage of Snapchat is now. It is one of the most popular social platforms with millennials and is gaining traction in other demographics. Fortune reports that Snapchat video traffic has grown by 1 billion views from the beginning of the year. This growth is not a new phenomenon. The younger crowd has always started the trends in social media. While the rest of the population lags behind. Don’t be a lagger, start thinking about Snapchat influencers now. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

You can use Snapchat discovery platforms like The 11th Second and Ghost Codes to easily find influencers to promote your product or service. These platforms will allow you to find the newest up and coming influencers all the way up to the world’s largest Snapchat influencers. I recommend starting there to find great creators to collaborate with.


There Are 3 Types of Snapchat Ads

  1. Placement Ads– Like product endorsements in movies and tv shows, placement ads on Snapchat use an indirect approach to advertising your product. This example from EasyLifeHacks shows how to keep a bag of chips fresh when you have no chip clip. Throughout the post, the influencer clearly shows a bag of chips from a major chip brand, but does not reveal it is a product endorsement until the end. Afterall, you want to comply with FTC Guidelines and keep it authentic for your audience.
  1. Native Ads– In a native ad, the product will be the main subject of the story. Like this beautiful native ad that was created by @AaronFPS promoting Coca Cola. Since the product or service is the main focus of the story, there needs to be a relationship between the influencer, their followers, and the brand. For the best conversion rates, make sure the product or service being promoted is relevant to the viewers.
  1. Shout-out Ads– The closest you will get to a commercial or banner type ad on Snapchat is the shout-out ad. They are very simple and consist one or two posts; one where the influencer primes the viewer by telling them to screenshot the next snap, and a second one which is a picture of the product chosen by the brand. It can be custom native content or brand created content. Shout-out ads can be done in one or two snaps. I would still recommend doing the work to find the best influencer that aligns with your target demographic.


Adding a coupon code will increase ROI.

To create the most productive ad, drop in a coupon code. This will increase audience engagement. Business insider states that: “More than 90% of Millennials say they use coupons to plan their shopping list.” Not only does this increase the likelihood that someone will buy your product, but it also creates a call to action: “go to this website and use this coupon code”. You can even use a trackable link to measure the direct response rate from the Snapchat post. And, it’s a plus for the influencer, because they get to provide their audience with a “gift” for watching.


Snapchat Games get audiences engaged with your promotion.

Like I said before, it’s best to leave the content up to the influencer. But, when working with creators, bring up the idea of Snapchat games. It’s a great way to align your brand or product with this playful and fun platform. To get an idea of what types of games are on Snapchat, check out @Shaunayala, a Snapchat creator who frequently uses games to engage with his viewers.


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